FAR-Offshore wind energy. ON BOARD.

we are pioneering far-offshore wind capture and delivery

« To mitigate climate change, the world needs more clean energy.
Far-offshore wind energy is the second greatest reservoir of renewable energy on this planet.
At FARWIND, our mission is to unlock this potential. »


The core technology in FARWIND energy solutions is the energy ship, which is an autonomously sailing ship propelled by winds. The ship’s kinetic energy is converted to electricity by hydrokinetic turbines attached to the hull.


Access to the far-offshore wind energy resource

  • Second greatest renewable energy source on planet Earth
  • Highest wind energy quality; both in magnitude and constancy


  • Energy delivery at point of use
  • Optimized energy production using weather-routing

No conflict of uses

  • No permanent land nor coastal sea space occupation
  • No infrastructure


FARWIND energy solutions can deliver energy where and in the form which is needed. Possible energy vectors include electricity (battery storage), hydrogen, methanol, ammonia. Our possible customers are utilities, large energy consumers, coastal communities, industry.


FARWIND is a spin-off of Ecole Centrale de Nantes, one of the world-leading university for marine renewable energy research. As such, at FARWIND, we believe and listen to science. That’s why acting for climate is one of our core values.

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