Why far-offshore wind?

Our World is at a tipping point. Climate change is real and constitutes a vital threat to our civilizations.

According to the IPCC, climate change must remain well below 2°C to avoid catastrophic consequences.

This objective requires exploitation of all renewable energy resources available on this planet.

This includes far-offshore wind energy, which is the second greatest renewable energy source.

Noticeably, far-offshore wind energy is also the highest wind energy quality; both in magnitude and constancy.

Yet, to date, far-offshore wind energy is fully unexploited because conventional grid-connected offshore wind energy turbines cannot be deployed in the far-offshore.

Mean wind speed at 100 m (m/s)
Source: DTU Wind energy, Global wind atlas v1.0

This is why we founded FARWIND ENERGY, the pionneering company of far-offshore wind energy capture and delivery solutions.